21 year old in this life. Old soul. Social Psychologist in the making after the mistake of thinking I wanted to major in Biochemistry. Full-time Minion with a self-assigned Senpai. I can't stop watching YouTubers (especially the Holy Trinity), Whedonite (speciality is Buffy, especially Willow Rosenberg), and all around nerd.
I consider myself easy to talk to, so if you have questions or just want to chat the ask box is somewhere on here.
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No you really have! From starting your own independent youtube channel, starring in Camp Takota, appearing on TV many times, winning awards, making it onto the Forbes 30 under 30, writing a book, filming #HEYUSA, getting your own TV piolet and now a podcast! - and thats just this year!

You’ve worked so hard and we couldn’t be prouder.